The EP

Material started to gather around mid to late 2012 in Whangarei after drummer Cephas Morton and guitarist Troy Ellis decided to get together and start having some on the spot jams. After a few sessions together tracks started coming together, although the tracks were only in their infancy they decided to start performing them live at a GONG night hosted by The Old Stone Buttery Factory.

Two years passed, in these years Cephas and Troy continued jamming and gathering material before their paths crossed ways with Lee Martin who joined the band on bass. Another year and a bit passed with the three performing live and carving out the remaining loose ends in the songs before taking these tracks into the Toi Poneke Art Centre in Wellington at the end of 2015 with Shaman Phair to track the record over two days.

Over the two days the band live tracked 5 songs, "New Song", "Farm Song", "Cover Low In Trenches", "Peach" and "Bloodrag". Unhappy with the performance of "Bloodrag" the three decided to have an on the spot jam which then would later be titled "Katana".

For the next few months the band continued touring around the country spreading the thought before parting ways with Lee and recruting Troy Backhouse on bass. Now a three piece again they have continued to keep their setlist tight while expanding on new ideas and sound scapes to gather new material for a second record.

2016 On The Spot Jams

In August 2016 the band had a line up change with Lee Martin departing from the bands bass duties and Troy Backhouse was recruited. As with any line up change this allowed the members of A Thought That Came to Mind to "Look at the band from a different angle, under a different light so we can hopefully kind of see it for the first time."

It would be several months of down time before regrouping for another lot of shows in late November. In the lead up to the shows the band had a few days of rehursle time to have some on the spot jams which fertilized the soil for some new material. With Backhouses funk groove bass style added to the back bone and all three members eager to jam and have some fun, over 7 hours of new material was captured.

Some of the Material captured is available to listen to above.